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The Splash Structures Website has marketed, sold and installed fabric structures since 2003.  

We first ventured across the concept of portable buildings when we dabbled in Sea Cage Aquaculture and were seeking suitable structures for remote locations in the Pacific Islands.  Container Shelters (Dome Fabric Structures designed for Sea Containers) captured our interest primarily because they were light to transport and did not require licensed builders to construct. We found that a bunch of blokes with a good head on their shoulders (with the relevant tickets needed working at heights, driving forks and lifts etc) could build easily, even if they did not speak our language.

We, is now our CEO, (Pauline Douglas) plus an entourage of factories, designers, engineers, international sales and installation partners.  Splash is run very differently to that of businesses of the past (largest work force exceeded 400 employees) ... Overheads are are kept lean and mean, we work with contractors as opposed to employees, our services are wholesale with all stock being held in our Asian factories. This way ensures that we can pass on best prices and withstand the economic crunches which keep on coming, and have become quite ridiculous now.   Structures are shipped around the world directly to order, and there are no middlemen.

We used the same business services (Servcorp) pretty much since they began in Sydney 24 years ago, however in 2017 we have switched to Regus, who offer over 2000 locations globally including Airport facilities, for us to tap into. Seriously convenient when conducting an international business.

Quality and Safety for a Reasonable Price is our mission.

Splash has developed a variety of portable structures and this year (2019) we will venture heavily into project management and the sales/rental of portable and lightweight buildings. We also look forward to working with a new Industrial Tent manufacturer who makes quality structures.. Expect to meet up with us at a variety of World Expos.

All EPS Panel materials are passed through an independent NATA or equivalent laboratory to ensure there are no dangerous materials contained within our panels, particularly a derivative of toxic fibres Asbestos, which is still legal in many countries but not Australia. 

Chrysotile (one version) 'accidentally' slipped into some of our competitors EPS structures in 2015/16, which tragically for them where installed into some hospitals and schools!  We will not sell these panels to any country, even if legal.

We love working with the Chinese, they are smart, fast and generous. If you understand how they operate, which is slightly different to us luxury loving beings and quality is carefully managed, they are quite capable of producing to our standard.

However these are good reasons to use a Western company to purchase your structures .. if you buy off the web, particularly from an Asian concern, what you order is not necessarily what you will get.


About the Light Structure Industry

The world of portable and EPS Panel structures has been dominated by a handful of multi-nationals that market their structures globally throughout a network of resellers and franchises, supported by global media big wigs.  

We found it necessary to go to China to examine the factories to ensure the standard would be the same as that we offered in Australia.  

Working with the Chinese is no different to working with local manufacturers, honesty is a man to man thing, you have to know who you are dealing with. Most Chinese are extremely honorable, but as their population is much greater, the % of dishonest is also greater.  By the same token the Chinese are much harsher on crime ...

In the last three (3) decades only a select few conglomerates have controlled the vast bridge of imports and exports to China and made billions from that opportunity. Like a vast sweeping machine, they identified key industries to buy, then sell off to the Chinese, decimating former profits from western manufacturing and produce industries.

As we all know, free trade has now been opened to ordinary individuals who wish to develop relationships in China, who are also working to release themselves from the mostly corrupt shackles of control to trade directly.   They are now beginning to embrace copyright and patents.  

There is now a wonderful opportunity for the Globe to trade back to China - that still has a growth rate of 6% as this country wakes up.  15% of the country is now affluent, which equates to around 5 times the population of Australia ... they want luxury from international sources.  They are the new Gucci, Ferrari and Organic set.

If you don't think the Chinese are doing their bit for Global Warming, visit Guangzhou (old Canton) just a small city of 66 Million people ... look out the window of your hotel after 10pm, it is like a ghost city ... majority of lights are switched off, and I have never seen so many trees.

Have a great year ...





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