Sea Cargo Comtainer Dwellings

Modified Containers

Sea Containers convert brilliantly into structures of many kinds.  Dwellings, Offices, Shops, Cafés and Kiosks and much more.  Splash Containers are fabricated and reinforced at factory before turning into a Flat Pack or Splash Container.  Strengthening (earthquake cyclone etc.) and other items are also handled by factory. 

Flat Pack Containers

 Flat Pack Containers

A modular convenience for design flexibility and cheaper transportation, Flat Pack Containers emulate Sea Containers in many ways, including size, beams and optional twist locks.  Popular with private and industrial clients as studios and small homes, they can be joined and/or stacked into multi-storey complexes. 

Expamdable Containers

 Expandable Containers

Splash refers to expandable containers as Transformers because they pop-up instantly "in minutes" into a fully functioning office, storage facility or cabin.  Now that Covid is moving along we can resume our quest to bring these types of structures up to safe building standards for the South Pacific.

  Splash Containers

 Thinking Outside The Box
Portable and Relocatable Buildings are not new, neither are Container Shelters and Buildings, but they are suddenly on the increase again.   It's a no-brainer why!  Issues the Construction Industry had before the Pandemic arriving have only worsened, as those who have been affected by our weirdly catastrophic weather will attest to.   

Shortage of building materials and manpower has led to long delays for rebuilds and refurbishments, which in turn led to the collapse of many construction industry players.
  Ew - Live or work in a Container?
Container Buildings have had a big following by architects, engineers and distributors for almost three (3) decades. Many earlier ventures were converted from "straight off the docks" shipping containers, so became tired looking fast, displaying their signature sea container rust.  Shipping containers were never meant to be elegant construction items and the Chinese, who have always been more environmental than we give them credit for, consider galvanizing steel a potent poison to the environment - hence the black steel rusting.

Perhaps we should consider this too?

 Splash Containers

   Splash Containers are fabricated at factory.
We can request galvanizing or other (preferred) eco safe, lasting ​steel protection options.  Cladding is cut, strengthened and engineered to remain safe in all weather.

Industries On The Move, e.g. Mining, Rural, Events, Markets, Shops & Kiosks, Trades, Aviation, Roadworks etc. continue to benefit from deploying relocatable container structures. Splash Containers can be modified to suit the need and locality, e.g., cyclone and earthquake.

Ravaged Homes and Businesses whose property has been affected by floods, fire and other disasters with a long wait to rebuild would welcome the instant use of a ​Container Shelter.

Note:  Splash does not use Asian Super Classifieds to source our structures.  Many accounts in these services are not Chinese, but multiple duplicated accounts owned by the hidden sales resellers across Asia, Europe, USA, Canada or Australia by people who have little to no construction knowledge.  Splash must view the factory and have some input into the products before we buy.  Australian building codes are very different to Asian rules, and we need engineers to take us seriously.

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