American Trailers

 American Trailers

Trailer homes have been an American icon for decades.  They can work for us too as many of us downsize over the coming decade.  We see a huge opportunity for miniature dwellings in the Asia Pacific for owners of all ages.

Tropical Villas

  Cabins and Villas

Light, affordable and comfy.  Tropical villas and other light design houses are commonly found in resorts and community living.  We see the need and opportunity to create sustainable communities for future residents.

Container Cottages  


Modern sustainable cottage dwellings.  We will introduce a series of pre-fab, flat pack and container cottages that  provide tough and easy build structure solutions for down sized homes and industry needs. 

Wooden Chalets  

 Wooden Chalets

Looking to Europe and Asia for ideas and inspiration,   sustainable wood is making its big come-back for large and small structures.  (e.g. an 80-storey building in Chicago!)  Splash focus will be studios and dwellings.  

Hull Buildings  

 Hull Cabins

Inspired by the Colonial years of turning wooden ship hulls upside down to shelter convicts and sailors,  Hull Buildings are actually  superior strength for wet and windy localities.  Read up on your catenary literature!

Prefabricated Buildings  


Grab a Slab and Pre Fab!  ... 2023 will be the revival of treasured old systems and the invention of new sustainable materials.  We look forward to incorporating birodegradables in our designs.  

 Splash Australites

2024 is going to be THE year!

Australite is our new Brand for Splash Light Structures, i.e.  Cottages, Cabins, Studios, Villas, Portable Buildings, Prefabs, Pop Outs, Relocatable and Transportable.  Our objective is light, ​fast, sustainable and easy build structures.

So many new sustainable solutions are on their way. 

Precious old-but-forgotten concepts will re-emerge, whilst a host of new inventions are on their way.  

Fully biodegradable cements, fabrics, wood, bricks and other building materials are going to change how we produce our structures.

 Sustainable Mini House Ideas

Artists Impressions of sustainable dwellings, right on the money honey!

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