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Sea Container Shacks

Sea Container Shacks

Splash Sea Container Shacks .. Ready To Go

OK Guys ... go gather your parrot and your cutlass ...  you want to live in a container? Check these out.

Sea Container ShacksYou don't have to do anything with these ... it's already done.

They are very affordable Converted Containers, all fabrication and interior decoration has been handled by our China factory. As you can see in the image, they have a little bit of style added to the exterior and are designed to lock up like a small fortress for transport.  A very secure unit, they are ideal for wild localities such Earthquake, Hurricane and Cyclone Regions.

It's a Package!  

We can send anywhere there is a shipping Port in the World.  20 footer is under US$12K and 40 footer is under US$15K. 

Laid out like a modern motel room, a basic unit includes Ensuite and Kitchenette.  Price is a close estimate of how much it will cost to land a unit at most common world Ports, (expect shipping to be about another $2-4K if you are remote) ... consider your local road/train freight on top of that,

Optional Air-conditioner, Furniture, Refrigerator, window coverings also available.   

For camps and quantity purchasers, we can arrange to flat pack them!



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