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Portable Hangars

Portable Hangars

Relocatable Aircraft Hangars  (Canada Design)One of the structures that Splash is passionate about is the Portable Aircraft Hangar – we have sold fabric hangars for almost 2 decades – initially for Australian manufacturers, and then for our own designs and range globally. 

Only a handful of companies promote them but not many companies understand portable hangars …

Portable Fabric Hangars are as useful for Ultra-Lite Aircraft as they are for massive hangars for commercial aircraft.  Fabric Structures are not always cheaper than steel buildings to purchase, but they do save money in the longer term because they are quicker to build, can be relocated in the future, and being shady and delightful to work beneath can save a small fortune on cooling and heating of the structure …

We now manufacture our standard Structures in China and look forward to the day we can manufacture in Australia again

The last Australian made structure we sold was in 2015 to Coldstream private strip in Victoria which was also where I conducted my unrestricted training (back in the days it had a dog leg) … 

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Portable Hangars  Portable Hangars  Portable Hangars

Portable Hangars  Portable Hangars  Portable Hangars

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