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Container Offices

Container Offices

Converted Sea Container OfficesWe have a few types of Container Offices to offer..

Converted Sea Containers

We have Sea Container Cores which are "ready fabricated" with the most expensive modifications being handled in our Asian Factories. e.g. sea containers that have had the  windows and doors cut out ready for you to be the "do it yourself" container converter,  to complete the interior and exterior of your container office to suite yourself..

Optionally you can consider a fully modified Sea Container Office and ship this directly to your country from China.  Or if you need something highly custom then we can offer our core conversion factories in Australia.

Pop Up and Flat Pack Containers

Our very affordable and lighter container options include our folding and pop up containers, which raise from a flat pack to be ready to use in just a few minutes.  If you plan to be moving your office often then these have been designed to raise and lower thousands of times. These also have a place in disaster emergency

Splash Containers for Offices On The Move

Expandable Containers                                                            Flat Pack Containers

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We are seeking South East Asian factories (Malaysia, Philiipines, e.g.) to support us with the manufacture of small containers style structures for emergency/disaster.   Must be able to genuinely produce (or at least guarantee to build up to) a minimum of 500 units per month with the ability to expand to 24,000 units per annum.  Must be certified to QA Standards of IBC and/or Australian and New Zealand Building codes.  Genuine enquiries to splashmarketing@outlook.com