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Fabric Hangars

Relocatable Fabric Hangars

Relocatable Hangar Mounted upon Cement or Brick WallsCool, airy and majestic, fabric hangars are mostly used as temporary, portable and relocatable marine and aircraft hangars, but they also make good permanent structures. 

Arch Shelter Fabric Hangars are available from 9 meters (30 feet) wide up to a whopping 100 Meters (328 feet )wide.  Fabric Hangars are ideal for any type of aviation or shipping portable buildings need,   Fabric Hangars are a popular alternative to solid structures due to the nature of PVC or PE - which does not have a high conductive nature, thereby staying cooler in hot environments and warmer in colder seasons.   Operatives remain comfortable whilst the heating and cooling costs are minimal.

Portable Hangars popular with smaller aircraft of wingspan up to 20 meters and helicopters.  

Hangar Fabrics range from Fire Retardent (Melts at high temperatures but will never combust) and Fully Fire Proofed.

Hangars are mostly engineered in Australia and manufactured in China, Australia, and Malaysia.

  Steel Double Truss Fabric Hangars Strong and Delightful   Fabric Container Shelter Hangar

9 Meter Clear Span Relocatable Helicopter Hangar    Tall Container Hangars up to 30 Meters Wide

Hull Frabric Hangars with Aluminum or Steel Frames   Aluminium Tents for Works Shops and Holding Areas




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