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Fabric Hangars

Fabric Hangars

Fabric Hangars by SplashCool, airy and majestic, fabric hangars are mostly used as portable aircraft hangars.  They are ideal for any type of aircraft but most popular with smaller aircraft of wingspan up to 20 meters.  Very popular for remote regions.

I did my early training at Moorabbin and Coldstream in Victoria - a LONG time ago, one of our canopies sits on Coldstream Airstrip - this would be an Allshelter,  we sold for 13 years until 2013.

Nowadays we have Fabric Hangars manufactured in Asia and sell these all over the world..  




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We are seeking South East Asian factories (Malaysia, Philiipines, e.g.) to support us with the manufacture of small containers style structures for emergency/disaster.   Must be able to genuinely produce (or at least guarantee to build up to) a minimum of 500 units per month with the ability to expand to 24,000 units per annum.  Must be certified to QA Standards of IBC and/or Australian and New Zealand Building codes.  Genuine enquiries to splashmarketing@outlook.com