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British Virgin Islands

British Virgin Islands Sheds, Shelters and Hangars

British Virgin Islands Sheds, Shelters and HangarsHello BVI, hope you are recovering well!

We (Splash) are on the opposite side of the world in the exact opposite time zone too, but we also share the same Big Destructive Weather storms in Queensland Australia.  We too pitch the delights of the lifestyle and beauty of these Tropical regions, up against the Russian Roulette possibility of being blown away by a Hurricane/Cyclone some day.  

Splash has specialized in portable fabric structures for almost 2 decades and in the last few years we have extended our range to encompass insulated pop up structures (cabins, offices and storage),  which actually go up faster than a tent.   We are all seeing an increase in weather ferociousness, and how much of our previous infrastructure is failing. 

Everything we have is from China Direct.  We match western engineering with Chinese gumption and generosity to bring you great deals...Most of our structures are DYI, but we now have a few BVI locals who would be thrilled to help you with our larger structures.


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