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Flat Pack Panel Buildings

Pre-Fabricated Structures Solutions

Flat Pack Panel Buildings are prefabricated buildings that are constructed mostly from EPS Cement Sandwich panels.  

Small to Medium Panel Structures are suitable for self build e.g. Cabins, Houses, Site Offices, Trailers, Shops or Kiosks.  The Flat Pack Containers are also built using EPS Sandwich panel, so smaller buildings can also be designed as transportable.

Larger Panel Buildings such as hangars, pavilions, warehouses, factory and plant buildings can be constructed easily and at extraordinary speed. This is due to the size and lightness of the panels, which weight in at around 1/6th of their equivalent size in bricks.

A simplified, cost effective and easy construct solution,  versions of panel structures can be found in most countries of the world.  

EPS Panel Buildings utilise a relatively new, safe and fast build, Light Energy-Saving Board, also known as EPS Cement Sandwich Panel, that comes in 610mm widths, 2230-3200 lengths, and ranges from 60-180mm in thickness.  EPS is light, strong  (cyclone and earthquake safe) and fully fire proof.   Even though Asbestos is still legal in many countries, we categorically refuse to supply EPS Panel buildings that contain any of the 6 Asbestos derivatives, to ANY of our customers. So breathe easy!


 .. or any other toxic materials are present in this new material.  Independently tested by a NATA approved laboratory or international equivalent.

You can read more about the panels in more detail below.

Panel Buildings are fully designed and manufactured in our factories,  then flat pack shipped for assembly on site.  Our EPS Projects.

Panel Structures - Basic
Offices Cabins and Flats
Paint in your own colours

Panel Structures - Cladded
Offices, Cabins and Flats
Popular Vinyl and Steel Claddings available in most colors

Panel Structures - Double Story
Offices, Villas, Flats and Houses
Design & Architecture available and chargeable for multi site projects only.

Panel Structures - Plant
Pre-Fabricated Premises
Factories, Warehouses, Hangars and Malls

EPS Light, Energy Saving Panel Types:

EPS Sandwich Panel exterior walls are smooth and attractive, and can be optionally painted, coated or clad with our range of vinyl and steel cladding.  They weigh approximately 1/6th of equivalent size in bricks.  They are fully fire proofed (will not combust) and have no toxic fibers or particals. (e.g. asbestos)

IBC standard with improvements to Australian & New Zealand Building Codes

Specifications and cross sections of light energy-saving panel:

EPS cement sandwich panels are the most recommended for panel structures.

Light energy-saving panel is a light weight energy-saving composite board made up with fiber reinforced calcium silicon plate or cement calcium silicon plate as face panel by filling cement, EPS, ceramist, fly ash and other light core material in the middle through a composite formation.

100% Fire Proof and containing no toxic elements or fibres (e.g. asbestos).

They are used cost effectively to replace red brick, clay solid brick, hollow brick, colored steel sandwich panel, plaster block, wire rack pearlite, pearlite perforated plate and other building material.  They are widely used in various high and low layer building walls, including banks, offices, hospitals, schools, hotels, entertainment halls, portable houses, reconstruction, family homes, shopping malls and industrial buildings.

The building size, function and portability determines the weight and thickness of the Panels utilised in the structure.  Steel quake and cyclone/hurricane rod reinforcement is used for those regions.

Width: 610mm

Thicknesses: 60mm, 75mm, 90mm, 100mm, 120mm, 150mm, 180mm

Lengths: 2270mm, 3000mm 

The length of projects with tens of thousands of square meters can be customized according to demands, less than 3000mm.

Composition of Light Panel

Infrared Insulation Test

Fire Endurance Testing




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