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  Not The New Kid On The Block.
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Splash Structures has marketed, sold and installed relocatable structures since 2003. "We" is presently our CEO, (Pauline Douglas) plus an entourage of factories, designers, engineers, international sales and installation partners.  

Covid 19 has brought about some changes to our business structure and some exciting innovations are on their way for 2023.  

 Zombie Rock
Splash allowed its Fabric Structures business to go Zombie through Covid ...   there was little business and looking back at the industry truthfully, there never really has been business for independents.  The entire industry including the manufacture of fabrics, is pretty much contained within a few huge ​corporate groups stretching across the seas from Australia to UK, NZ, Europe and the USA.  plus some mysterious operations eminating out of South America, China and Malaysia.

They own (or finance) major Road Works, Gas and Oil, Mining and Construction empires.  In fine cartel fashion they create what they need then supply their own companies to service their billion dollar projects.  Big money changing hands Internationally has many benefits for conglomerates. 

 Splash Portable Buildings Website?   

We have dropped the Splash Portable Buildings website (which now diverts to this site).  2023 will be about much more than just relocatable and portable buildings.

Happy New Year and wishing you a magnificent one.

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