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Container Cores

Sea Container Cores for DIY Conversion

Sea Container Cores are for those who wish to create their own Sea Container Dwelling or Office.

Container Cores are fundamentally a new container sourced from China that has had the most difficult fabrications handled by the Asian factory before shipping. Fabrication can be one of our standard cuts or you can request an individualized cut.

Container Cores can be optionally converted by our Brisbane Associate Joe or delivered directly to your Professional or DIY sea container convertor anywhere in the world.

There are hundreds of useful and cost effective solutions already engineered, including relocatable swimming pools, offices, cabins, shelters and storage.

Container Cores are available in 40 foot and 20 foot, Standard and High Cube sizes. Container Cores are only a few thousand dollars more than a new container that you would buy off the docks in Australia, that has been used once.

International Clients will receive their Core directly to their country, and you can opt in for a fully customized container if you desire.

Chinese Container Core Resort Sea Container Cabins

Container Core Converted into Kiosk Container Core Converted into Student Complex

Container Core Converted into Cabin Office or Storage Container Core Converted into Stall Kiosk


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