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From engineering to install and all safe materials.

Ethical Purpose Construction

 Ethical Purpose

Focus upon service   No predatory pursuits.

Urban Change Construction

 Urban Change

Solutions for Industry, Community and Private.

  Splash Structures Hello!

 Splash Structures has a new look and new direction!
We will continue to focus on what we do best which is sales and marketing and will work with other sustainable industry operators who deserve a piece of the action.
  Micro Plastics, no joke!
You may have heard that Splash Has Abandoned Toxic Plastics and Canvas, i.e. the ones that will likely end up in land fill poisoning the environment for the next 100 centuries. 

This affects the PVC and PE Fabric Structures we have offered since 2003 and our own brand Arch Shelter which has provided local or imported PVC and PE fabrics since 2010!  We will now adapt our designs to non-toxic environmentally safe materials, (this unfortunately discounts some of the commonly used recyclable plastics too) and will drop models that we cannot adapt completely.  

All Splash Structures are affected.  Biodegradable is the Buzz!

The time away has been fruitful,  locating and rediscovering a host of construction materials that will solve sustainability issues in all construction categories.

 Dropping Splash Portable Buildings Website?   
Yes, we have also dropped the Splash Portable Buildings website (which will divert to this site).   2024 will be much more than relocatable and portable buildings

 Splash Structures

Splash Fabric Structures

 Fabric Structures

There are a growing number low toxic fabrics available around the world to replace plastics and pvc coatings to produce enviromentally safe buildings for industry, events and roof features.  Splash Fabric Structures are branded Arch Shelter.

Splash Container Buildings

 Container Buildings

Steel Sea containers can be modified into useful, insulated and robust fixed or relocatable buildings ideal for many uses.   Continuing our quest for quality and safe fabricated; pop out; expandable or flat pack buildings under our brand Splash Containers.

Cottages Villas and Cabins

 Cottages Cabins Villas

Fixed and relocatable light structures are  for downsized dwellings and  community living e.g. resorts, villages, communal living self-care housing,  special needs and delightful tiny houses on wheels.  Light structures are branded Australite.

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